February Thaw

Temperatures rose for a few days into the 50’s and 60’s after weeks of teens and twenties. As it happened birdsong crested and spring became more than an apparition. Ice melted into rivulets and plants looked perky. So far so good as to the plants’ health, but the true reading of winter damage begins in late April/May when temperatures hit the seventies regularly. Until that time there’s little to do except clean up dead branch debris and enjoy the joyous blue sky during the day and lovely light of Venus in the evening. I’ve tried to write a haiku about Venus but cannot manage to do justice to the beauty of this planet’s light.

I started with:

Venus sets
in the still blue sky
dripping points of light

But it’s still not quite right. You will always know when a poem is right or finished unlike alot of other stuff. I’m thankful for a few more weeks of winter to work on these small gems.