Procrastination or Inspiration

windshield wipers
on the lowest setting
rippling pastels

Yesterday I was out early cleaning/pruning/weeding my garden while rain fell lightly. It did not feel like work at all. Afterward, I had to decide if I was going inside to pay bills, do laundry, vacuum etc. I decided to embrace the spring showers and instead took a road trip. I stopped by The Artsy Fartsy Yard Sale run by the Three Chicks. All are artists who were huddled around a firepit that was more smoke than fire. They clapped as I drove down the driveway relieved to see anyone come out in the rain. I admired their work and we chatted about their new adventures and then I was on my way. Next stop – the always superb Leonard Buck Gardens in Far Hills. So many wildflowers in bloom and new ones poking their heads through last year’s debris. Dogwoods, Redbuds and native Azaleas filled the woods. It was sweet soulfood. So I call it inspiration rather than procrastination even though I put off until tomorrow what I should have done today!

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