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Trying Something New

I tried something new this past week. Something really different and not-quite painful but in the “could-have-been-if-I-let-it-be category”. I gave up all reading for one week – including  newspapers, novels, art books, poetry, blogs etc. and TV (actually not that difficult for me – I really love to read). Following the recommendation of Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, I tried a reading deprivation week to unclog my mind and open up the time to actually get stuff done. We forget how much time is used taking in information and entertainment that draws the time away from actually “doing”.  I am so happy that I can now see the top of my desk again, open closets without stuff falling on my head and navigate the area in my small studio. I tossed and  tossed so much stuff that I had saved. Saving stuff is ok, however in my case I forget that I saved it rendering it a useless waste of time and space. This stuff includes frozen food items, clothes in the back of the closet, tools, cleansers, articles, posts, recipes and other stuff that I cannot list here because I forget that I have it.  I digress – the reading fast really works. After all the cleaning and organizing and cooking there is still enough time to create – paint and write – the true reason for this experiment. I learned where allot of my time is spent. Too much time lately reading 4 to 5 books simultaneously all in an effort to self improve and become the creative artist I am trying to get to know on an intimate basis.  I reluctantly put down the books and reading material, and I was rewarded by gaining insight into a big time/energy leak. On the whole – it was easier to do than think about. And this is the truth about the creative spirit – don’t think – just do! Don’t just read about it – try it. I’ve come back to reading albeit more slowly and more consciously and more gratefully. It is an old dear friend that I need to  recognize as just that. In the end  it is my inner core that is the most satisfying and fun to be with.


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