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To Capitalize or not

here’s the dilemma -let’s just say that as a baby boomer i was taught to capitalize or be labeled something more painful than stupid and now like everything else capital letters are “going by the wayside” a term also on it’s way out and yet after years of brainwashing using caps is difficult to give up or is this another excuse for fighting change really tho (may as well abbreviate while i’m at it) it was fun to see e.e. cummings who in actuality capitalized his name use no caps and call it poetry now everyone does it so do we really need them? or any punctuation as i like the idea of fonetic spelling cause you understand everything im trying to say anyway whats the point is it that i want to embrace change however how much is too much i guess if i new this there would be no blog and while im at it whatsthepointofblogginganyhoot