Sunday mornings

If Sunday evenings are a blue hue then Sunday mornings also have a color feel. To me it is a tender green – the quiet color of new shoots. While Sunday eves have a melancholy tone, Sunday mornings are restful and thoughtful. No conversation in the distance – more of a solitary soulful flavor. In the Christian world it is traditionally a time for prayer. In a non Christian household it may be a time for buns or bagels. I enjoy a good crumb bun or sesame bagel on Sunday mornings.

This Sunday morning I am sitting by the bay. There is a sailboat in the distance, a kayak drifts with the current and soft waves lap the shore. Gulls and other busy birds call and chatter. The breeze is cooling yet gentle. The sun is a soft promise today. In a short time, my solitude will be interrupted and the day will take on a new color.

Until then…

reeds rippling in the breeze a hammock’s own tempo


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