Color ku


Today I went into a paint store with a history similar to mine – we were both born in Newark before 1960 – Ricciardi Brothers. I was helping a friend choose paint colors for  shutters and doors. I love and always gravitate to the section with rows upon rows of colored cardboard squares or rectangles that I will refer to as paint-color chips. They are there to either delight or confuse the senses. Each chip has a name chosen to label the color paint for purchase. However, the names  are decidedly intended for shoppers born after the millennium and not the Crayola Crayon set like me. While the paint chip names are worthy of poetry, haiku in particular, they are wildly undescriptive of colors related to my ocular memory.

With this in mind I decided to celebrate the new age color names. I will try my hand at writing a haiku (or senryu) for each color name. I will use the name in full within the short poem and it will be italicized. I will also describe the true color as I remember it in the Crayola Crayon box of lifetimes ago.

I call these small color gems “color ku”. They will be grouped  into sets of three with a similar theme. It’s all in fun and will be continued in subsequent posts as I get back out to the paint store. Thank you Ricciardi Brothers and all paint manufacturers for the inspiration.

 color name: indian sky – crayon color: pale blue

indian sky

rose hips swell with

another passing


color name: mexican feather grass – crayon color: light sage

mexican feather grass

I can only guess

what lies ahead


color name: north woods – crayon color: light green

north woods

into its shadows a murder

of crows



color name: hillside view – crayon color: dark sage

hillside view

sweeping into the pond

a ruby sky


color name: forest light – crayon color: greenish white

forest light

please – not the name

of another beer


color name: goose bay – crayon color: gray green

goose bay

full moon

on the rocks



color name: river rapids – crayon color: pearl white

river rapids eddy the sound of stone


color name:  sailor’s knot – crayon color: cream

freshening breeze

I cannot undo

a sailor’s knot


color name: shoreline blue – crayon color: light blue green

skimming waves two pelicans dive into shoreline blue



color name: starched apron – crayon color: pale peach

starched apron

one tray of cookies

with brown edges


color name: victorian lace –  crayon color: faded white

victorian lace

oh how quickly

we button up


color name: soft fleece – crayon color: cream

soft fleece

the play of light

through a pine





2 thoughts on “Color ku

  1. These are wonderful, Andrea. I did a couple of posts a while back where I wrote a haiku inspired by a paint chip color name on the actual paint chip:

    I have a couple more tucked away and a whole stack more paint chips that I am always meaning to write more haiku about and never quite get around to it. 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting – very much appreciated. It is fun to play with color and words together. I too have a stack of chips. I just sent a new batch to Charlie Trumble/MH and am waiting to see his reaction. I’ll bet there are many of us out there doing the same thing (OK – maybe a few of us). I hash tagged them on Twitter #colorku. Let’s see what happens. Hopefully, Charlie will like a couple at least and fellow poets will respond. I am also very much into color and the energy of color!

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