Feast of Sisterly Trance Formation – A book of Poems by Marsie Silvestro


It’s out!!!  Marsie has done it again!  This time with transformative poetry that sings beauty, spirit, abundance, power, love and healing for all women and all men who love them.

Marsie is an internationally known composer, visual artist, poet, activist, author, friend and the current executive director of A Safe Place, Portsmouth, NH (domestic abuse support services).



…She is an ancient one,

whose face lines map roads

that diverge in woods,

where emotions hang raw in trees

and memories soften

hard time living.

Marsie has been front and center her whole life in the struggle and celebration of transforming women from within and without the Catholic church and from within and outside ourselves.  Her music soars.  Her poems transform.  Prayers become sacred once again.  Highly recommended for all women who dance with spirit!

For ordering info: email marsiemoon@earthlink.net






Summer 2011

Happy Hour at Bill’s, LBI

Sailboats and sky


Bill’s famous rum punch (only two per happy hour)

You can feel the storm approaching

Always sharing great food

What’s a bar without Tiki tacky?

Always sharing the day’s beach & sailing tales

The first wedding of the youngest generation

Waiting their turn

Their vows – the night & the height of Hurricane Irene

What hurricane?

The lovely bride

The lovely mother-of-the bride

Starting to really party

Reception at The Community Art Center – Media, PA

A fun mother & daughter

A family reunion


The end is near

Sanderlings on a deserted beach

So long ’till next summer

Such awesome beauty right to the end

glistening sea
once a sandcastle
stood this ground

So long beach – see you next year

The hummingbird, the sage and the rain

After the hurricane and now torrential rains (over three inches and counting) a hummingbird comes just before twilight and sips the nectar from the ruby and blue sage growing outside my window. The bird is just unfazed by the wind, rain, power outages and a rather stressful winding down of summer days. In fact, it seems quite oblivious to the fact that it has a thousand mile commute ahead, flutters about for a few months and then turns around to do it all over again. Since this little bird has been a regular visitor over the past month or so I decided to look up its symbolism/medicine. According to Ted Andrews in his book ‘Animal Speak’ hummingbirds are “very playful even when bathing. They are hard workers and fiercely independent” Hmmmm. sounds like someone I intimately know…

“The ruby-throated humminngbird is a wonder of migration…and is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances”.

That’s the secret – joy in the mundane. Playful work. Presence.

I can do that! I just need to be reminded now and again by a playmate who comes after the rain to sip the nectar offered by the colorful sage plants who too have their own story to tell.

blurry rain
the hummingbird and the sage
still savor the light