The Standoff

It was a beautiful blue sky October day as I was driving down and around a lovely small resevoir. Until they caught my attention and imagination. About a dozen hawks flying and gliding on a strong breeze round and round while at least fifty or more Canada Geese stood their ground right below. It was a sight to behold. The hawk shadows loomed large and low circling over the geese. All of the geese were upright with stretched necks in alert position and huddled en masse. I am sure their adrenaline was running high. At least mine was as I watched them. I was driving a ten ton dump truck (with farmers plates) from the job site so my vantage point looking down at this scene was almost hawk-like and nearly as surreal. If only I could have stayed long enough to watch the scene play out. Would the hawks attack? Would the geese storm the hawks? Or would it be just a standoff? I loved the October blue sky today, and the great creatures that inhabit its realm.

circling overhead its shadow larger than life


Couples Duel – Right vs Left Brain

Couples who love and live together often find that their approach to housekeeping (as an example) are at odds.  Why?  We know that opposites attract presumably for balance, flavor and some excitement. As a result we tend to label ourselves and each other as neat vs sloppy, emotional vs stoic, morning bird vs night owl etc.  You get the picture.  Usually the labels suffice, and we accept our own and our loved one’s traits as just that and who we are.

But what happens if you are not living with a loved one and these traits show up?  Who do you blame for not putting stuff back in its rightful place?  Who do you turn to when something is lost that you know was put away in a safe place not too long ago?  Moi?  That just won’t do.

Finally, I figured it out.  Left Brain vs Right Brain.  Let us use my foibles this morning as an example.  I went looking for a pair of shoes to wear to a funeral.  OK, so they are not a pair that I wear regularly.  I looked in all the usual shoe storage areas at the bottom of my two tiny closets (old house-type closets).  Not there.  I cleaned and organized these same closets hardly six months ago. They have to be there but they’re not.  Where did they go – but more importantly “WHY CAN’T I FIND MY OWN SHOES?!?!?

Aha”  The transfoming and transcendent aha moment hit and bit.

Because I went looking for them in the still dark early morning time/space continuum with my RIGHT BRAIN, when in fact I organized and stored them originally with my LEFT BRAIN.  How can I possibly locate such a mundane item when I am in dream almost sleep mode?  Right Brain wants to lazily yawn, stretch and possibly get back under the covers.  Left Brain (in a mostly dominant right-brain person) kicks in at a more reasonable time – after brushing my teeth, washing my face and opening the door to a blast of very cool air.  Left Brain could then easily rise to the occasion (sic) and  and logically figure out where the shoes are.  Very plausible explanation.  Why else would a reasonably sane person (let’s agree to this for the sake of argument) circle a small area for so long looking for something that she put away in a logical space so as to avoid this very same scenario?  It’s simple.  Look for life-living stuff with Left Brain.  Search out artsy poetic stuff with Right Brain.

Anyway, I put together a properly respectable and rather subdued outfit to attend the funeral.  My red shoes were a comfortable fit and after all the fuss rather in keeping with my Right Brain accessorizer.


the red shoes
a small gift
boxing them