The Standoff

It was a beautiful blue sky October day as I was driving down and around a lovely small resevoir. Until they caught my attention and imagination. About a dozen hawks flying and gliding on a strong breeze round and round while at least fifty or more Canada Geese stood their ground right below. It was a sight to behold. The hawk shadows loomed large and low circling over the geese. All of the geese were upright with stretched necks in alert position and huddled en masse. I am sure their adrenaline was running high. At least mine was as I watched them. I was driving a ten ton dump truck (with farmers plates) from the job site so my vantage point looking down at this scene was almost hawk-like and nearly as surreal. If only I could have stayed long enough to watch the scene play out. Would the hawks attack? Would the geese storm the hawks? Or would it be just a standoff? I loved the October blue sky today, and the great creatures that inhabit its realm.

circling overhead its shadow larger than life

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