rolling down the river…

I’m doin it. I’m joining the river of stones. I’m getting my feet wet.

For the month of January, I am writing one small stone per day. This means paying attention long enough each day to record impressions of a fragment of my life. Presence. Stillness. Wonder. Tumble, play and roll down river.

I had hoped to add the 2012 badge here and link to the ‘writing our way home’ website in a tech savy smooth cool way, however that’s not going to happen. So for anyone interested in more info or joining in the fun – here is the link in longhand:

See you on (or in my case sometimes in) the river. A.

2 thoughts on “rolling down the river…

  1. Hi Andrea — Thanks so much for this. I’m in the River of Stones too. I’d be happy to walk you through making live links on your blog if you like. It’s fun! Happy New Year to you. — Grace

  2. Yea Grace, my poetry blogging sistah is back! I gladly can use any help you can offer regarding the tech stuff. And I am delighted to share all writings with you. This is so sweet – thank you for commenting – I am truly delighted to know we are connected in our writing/life. I never thought that blogging would lead to so much creativity and inter-connection. A wonder-filled New Year to you and Yours. Andrea

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