Soup to Nutz

Chicken soup simmers on the stove
celery scraps fall to the floor
I trip over the dog sloppin’ them all up

Fats Domino plays his bluesy piano
Then it happened. The transformation.
stirring the soup my hips start to sway

I use the wooden spoon as a microphone ~

“This time I’m walkin to New Orleans…
I’m gonna need two pairs of shoes when
I get through walkin’ these blues…”

sashaying away from the stove
and around the dog
the kitchen is my dance floor

and for a few sweet moments
applause in my head and in my soul
I’m the torch singer breaking everyone’s heart ~

“I got my suitcase in my hand…
yes I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
You used to be my honey…”

lyrics in quotation marks by Fats Domino “Walking to New Orleans”

collage painting ag/2011

#smallstone #river of stones, chicken soup, Fats Domino, torch singer, prose poetry

2 thoughts on “Soup to Nutz

  1. Haha, fantastic. So glad I visited you. Found your small stone on the WOWH site. This one reminded me of my daily dance with dogs around my feet. Thanks for the chuckle.

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