The Hunt for Soup and so much more…

We had to cross a covered bridge to get there. The tide was low and the goldenrod tall along the creek road. Clouds and sky kept a vigil as we walked along silently passing rippled beds and bleached logs. The late sun parched our path, and yet a milkweed pod caught in the untamed grass seemed to float free.

We were on our way to The Tavern. In town. Dusk falls quietly but quickly. On our minds was the roasted root vegetable bisque with handmade rustic croutons. Yes folks, this is about two foodies on the hunt for the perfect bowl of steaming loving soup. Cue Anthony Bourdain voice over.

We trudged on until we saw her in the window. Naked in an open and inviting way. A youthful glow. We had reached The Tavern at Lark Creek – a legend on its own for mysteries all of its own. Come twilight…all appeared as it should. Sustenance and beauty. Warmth and heart. Soup and ale.

If ever was a perfect meal in a perfect time and place – this was it. And yet, we all have experienced it somewhere somehow sometime with someone we love. Soup for the soul.

full moon on the rise peels away a dark sky

#haibun #riverstone #soup for the soul #Anthony Bourdain #Tavern at Lark Creek

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