My Brother as Dad

I’m proud of my brother.  Glenn fell in love with a wonderful Canadian woman and her  two delightful children (then ages six and three). He transplanted out of the country so that the children could still live in close proximity to their birth father and grandparents. Very quickly, Glenn tackled the large learning curve of being a new parent and in essence assumed the role of ‘Dad’ – basketball coach, cheerleader, ipod-fixer, disciplinarian, listener, and true parent. He gave up allot moving a great distance from family, friends, local neighborhoods and NJ pizza (which ‘the kids’ now 15 and 12 heartily agree).  In return, he loves and gained a loving family.

I always knew that he would be a wonderful father/dad much like our own Dad.  But it really hit home this past Christmas when I started to notice how much he ‘looks like Dad’.  I couldn’t help but feel how very proud my father would be of his son and ‘his pal’ now a great Dad too.

our Christmas tree

we wait for Dad

to place the last star

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