That slant of sunlight…

Alright, today was supposed to be a serious call to action – tax preparation and a fiscal account of last year’s income vs. expenses/outlay.  Oh yes, I have not been able to see the top of my desk for weeks, and my plans to buckle down to (boring) work were in place.  But once again,  my muse beckoned.  This morning (after tea and a corn muffin), I found some seed pods that I had saved in my pocket for a photo session while searching for a dog treat.  Quick to take advantage of a new slant on housework, I decided to start my day of organizing by taking photos of these seeds so that I could easily discard them (this is the organization piece).  And I did.  And then I decided to photograph pretty tissue paper in a gift bag so that I could discard it too.  And I did.  Ditto on the organization piece.  Next thing I decided was that the light is better upstairs in my studio.  This was my big mistake.  I was a goner.  The sun was like butterscotch – golden, gooey and addictive.  I moved around the room as fast as I could playing with artsy objects and setting up a photo shoot with a mix of mounting excitement and fascination.  Could I do it?  Capture the light and opalescent color?  Would the ‘Universe’ excuse me from doing my homework one more day?  (Of course it would ~ ergo my strong belief in abundance although I do push my limits here too).  Would I find another opportunity like this?  One and a half hours and 138 photos later, I captured some light-filled moments. 

Shucks.  Just a little too late for taxes and desk work but a few beauties to share:
View looking out one of my studio windows.
year of the dragon
its seduction
of color
ag ~ 2012