February, the shortest month of the year (even with the extra day) is appropriately National Haiku Writers’ Month. Started by Michael Dylan Welch in 2011, haijin (people who write haiku) from all over the globe join together to write and post their haiku on NaiHaiWriMo Facebook page. It was a lot of fun and a great way to meet and share these small poems. I am participating once again this month and will keep a log on this blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I am hoping that my BloHaiSis Grace Mattern joins me after recouperating from a wonderful trip to Paris!

Michael will be suggesting one topic per day as a writing prompt. It’s helpful but not necessary to follow. It is up to the individual, and I will use the prompts on occasion. In the beginning, I hope to write one haiku based on a personal experience or the inspiration from that experience each day.

So here goes day 1 NaHaiWriMo February, 2012

the half moon gentles me
all the way home


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