Recently two friends and I decided to meet regularly to converse, share ideas, eat, laugh, support, inspire and play together.  We made our first play date to paint and collage – explore – be loose – be messy and creative one and all. 

We souped and such, poured tea, refreshed with chocolate, attuned our intention to be open to spirit’s creative blessings, turned up the music and jived.  Very much like we used to do in kindergarten before responsibility reared its burdomsome head.  We got sloppy, giggled, painted, pasted tissue, cut out paper shapes and simply let go.

An amazing sense of we three community and love poured forth as well as sublime and powerful paintings.  Each of us is a responsible caretaker and community member.  We pride ourseves on an ever evolving and organic consciousness based on loving life and humanity.  But sometimes we just need to get out of our adult selves and simply reroot as kids

I left our group that night way past my bedtime (yippee) tired and satiated.  The unconditional support and love is truly creation that rocks and ripples forward.  Thanks Vicky and Michele.  Till next time.

Venus on the lee edge of a why not sky

photos courtesy of Michele  –

studio, cafe, music, poetry and comedy nights courtesy of Vicky –

painting and haiku by Andrea


5 thoughts on “Playdate

  1. How wonderful! My writing group (3 of us) decided last fall we needed to play in the same way, and spent an evening in my partner's studio, painting, collaging, totally absorbed in our kindergarten spirits. Bliss!

  2. I like rejuvenating with women friends, too – in my case there are 5 of us who try to travel someplace together at least once a year. Once upon a time, we were all teachers together. There's really nothing like a group of retired teachers if you want to be rowdy!

  3. I cannot believe I didn't comment sooner! I know I read this but must have missed commenting! I had such an amazing time and have taken the energy with me to the canvas since our meeting-looking forward to next time!

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