Color ku

Color ku are haiku and senryu inspired by the name of a paint color labeled on paint chips by Martha Stewart, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore etc.  Most of these names have little to do with traditional color names and everything to do with imagination and whimsy.  In the following haiku and senryu, the paint chip name is used and italicized within each of the color ku.  All of these poems were recently published in  Modern Haiku 42.1.

spring violet                                                                                          touch of nectar

a doe nibbles                                                                                         the baby dimples

the newness                                                                                           a smile

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~

morning walk                                                                                       egg yolk

a wood pecker starts                                                                             the day jiggles

its workday                                                                                             its light

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~

wild honey                                                                                             lost

two dragonflies                                                                                      in the glass of milk

dip and swirl                                                                                           a taste of summer grass



picnic basket                                                                                          thatched cottage 

our plans                                                                                                 heirloom tomatoes

on hold                                                                                                    almost ripe

~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                        ~~~~~~~~~~

willow branch                                                                                       cavern                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

the winding tics                                                                                     I growl at the dog

of my Twitter stream                                                                            through a paper towel roll


2 thoughts on “Color ku

    1. Try it – they are fun and addicting. I cannot go near a paint store or paint department wihout spending too much time picking up color chips. I had to tell a salesperson once that I was teaching a course on “color psychology” because I must have had 50 or so in hand. I do love to play Angie 🙂

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