Winter Wood Eyes

It’s been a winter without snow here in New Jersey.  Therefore, I get to focus much more closely on the brush and stone, moss and lichen.  The colors, although a bit more subtle than spring and summer blooms, are vibrant just the same.  When I traipse through the winter woodland  I never feel alone.  Somehow eyes peek out at me and spy with a curious countenance.  The expressions are priceless and lest anyone think that I am losing it (like my brother) – see for yourself.
Wintergreen face

Puddingstone with a smile

Feigning sleep
Mouse eyes with a lichen and leaf beret.
The only one with sharp looking teeth!

I like this happy guy.  A sweet bark face.
This one looks a little confused – I can relate.
I always smile back.
You lookin’ at me?
winter hike
stopping often  to catch
a backwards glance

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