Just because I can’t have it…

I started a gluten-free diet about six months ago for health reasons, and I do feel better.  I believed that the hardest parting would be with my beloved pasta (macaroni as a-way-of-life growing up as a kid).  But I’m really ok losing the pasta mainly because after all these years – it’s the sauce that really matters.   I continue to eat and cook chicken, seafood and yes even brown rice with a wholesome tomato, basil and garlic sauce.

However after seeing a nicely browned grilled cheese sandwich with the cheese oozing out of the pocket on Pinterest, my craving for this basic sandwich came as such a surprise.  Actually, I rarely ate it before I embarked on the gluten-free diet.  Every once in awhile though, I would treat myself to this comfort food and guilty pleasure made with a hearty fontina or havarti cheese and slathered with some butter on the outside for pan or grill frying.  Simply gooey cheese – no tomato – I am a purist in some traditions!  I would happily endure the non heart-healthy guilt for such a simple meal with a pickle and glass of iced tea on the side.  But in a serious and delayed effort to acknowledge and deal with high cholesterol and coronary artery disease, honestly called Andrea finally and begrudgingly decides to grow up  (a little), I gave myself over to a newer and more sustainable and sensible way of life and diet.  Funny how the small stuff gets to you after all.  The one other food that I would add to my “sorry to see it go list”  is spicy noodles in peanut sauce, again a once-in-awhile fun food. 

Aha, maybe that’s it more than just the taste it’s the fun in these foods that I really miss!  Maybe, just maybe it’s all really worth it as long as I can enjoy and indulge in my beloved dark and darker chocolate.  I am so happy that dark chocolate (in small amounts) is now considered “good for you” and heart-healthy.  Honestly though, it would not matter.  Chocolate and me forever.  You cannot say that about too many things, so choose carefully those life-rich indulgences and heartily enjoy!!!

                                                              pining for you
                                                              on my new diet
                                                              mac and cheese*   
*ag/2012 ~ published in Modern Haiku ~ winter 2012

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