The Leonard J. Buck Garden

The Leonard J. Buck Garden in Somerset County, NJ is one of the premier rock gardens in the eastern US.  It consists of a series of mature and breathtaking alpine and woodland gardens situated in a 33-acre wooded stream valley.  Mr. Buck and the landscape architect Zenon Schreiber, worked to develop a naturalistic garden which incorporated several large rock outcroppings found on the property.  Their aim (begun in the late 1930s) was to create a garden that would be ecologically correct and not be recognizable as being man-made.  Each outcropping is slightly different, creating varying exposures and microclimates which enable different plant associations to thrive.  Wildflowers flourish and multiply.  This is the introduction from the park commission.  

Their vision is an astonishing success to this day and an inspiration for all gardeners and especially landscape designers.
This an example of a harmonious and spontaneous (happy) plant colony.
A Canada Goose at rest.
If you must have Forsythia – give them space.  Notice that they are not sheared into boxes.  Love the reflection.
~ ~ ~
This garden is simply delightful, oozes charm and is very romantic.
The fairies dance and sing wildflower melodies.
If you are very very quiet and joyful – you may just catch a glimpse of one and if not
you may just fall in love again.

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