Lightning strikes twice

The last tree trunk showing a charred image after lightning strikes.

Last evening, after a challenging week, I decided to listen to some local musician friends play and share their songs. Guitars were strummed, drums rapped, conversation hummed and a happy baby was fondled while original music drifted sweetly by. It was a nice antidote to an extremely stressful week and tiring work day. I drove home sleepy yet happy. I was able to shake off the blues by listening to the blues. But not for long.

As I was mellowing with a cup of chamomile tea – THE LOUDEST BOOM to date richochetted through the yard, my kitchen and heart. The vibration was commanding. I knew lightning struck very very close, because it was the second time in ten months to hit within a few hundred feet of where I stood. Needless to say – I was fully and breathlessly AWAKE.

Half the house was lit. I quickly and correctly surmised that fuses blew. It was an easy remedy to bring all the lights back on. However, a burning permeated the air. I checked every area inside and outside the house with my flashlight and nose. Could not find the source but the decrepid odor did not seem to grow. I knew where my pocketbook and dog’s leash were and was ready to evacuate if necessary. Yes, the dog – my big trembling baby, was attached to my leg shivering silently on such a warm night. Sleep was now a long way off until I could be sure that my old farmhouse would not ignite. Finally finally the dog and I fell asleep.

In the morning, the wired box to the electric gate entry into the nursery-farm was blown apart and scattered along the driveway. Fuses blew in the office and sales room but that was all. The eerie burning scent had come from the wires and lingered slightly into morning.

Of course, I began to wonder if it was a sign from the heavens. But for what? Wasn’t it enough that I had a hellish week? And if you are going to send me a sign – please make it clear. A lightning strike could be a symbol for many things including energy trying to ground itself. In the end I decided that it was just another case of lightning striking twice, and wasn’t I lucky to be able to witness and write about it? (?) It certainly helps to put things in perspective – what’s really so bad about a little stress day by day anyway?

I swear there’s a message in here somewhere for me! The black is the lightning char.

spring peepers’
midnight love songs until
lightning strikes

ag ~ 2012

15 thoughts on “Lightning strikes twice

  1. Andrea, Now you know why ancient man felt that storms were the personification of GOD! Such a powerful force….What a wonderful post. You really transmitted the “survivor’s” feeling after such an encounter. We do, after all, live in a dangerous world… even though most of the time we’re able to find a path of peace through it all.

  2. Thanks Merrill. I’ve been doing allot of soul searching lately and this just ties into it! How do you stay so fresh and positive? I know that you have your moments as we all do, but you are such a rare and inspiring person poet. I was just reading about the lack of real conversation because of social networking (particularly among the youth), however FB has allowed us to meet and share and converse. Thank you for this and FB too!

    1. Andrea, The older I get the more I’m convinced that EVERYTHING…good and “bad” is something to be explored…to be enjoyed for what it is… to learn something from. I had to work through a lot of “religious” issues with my art and that made me do a lot of investigation into just who/what GOD meant to me….Here’s a quote: “The freedom to construct our own identities, to deconstruct and reconstrust, makes us co-creators with GOD. It is the way of participating in the creative work of the Divine Spirit. The Spirit of GOD that hovers over the chaos of our own times. the Spirit of GOD that makes all things new.” That quote comes from “Brother, Give Us A Word” Society of Saint John The Evangelist, We have to be true to ourselves in order to be true to any GOD. That sort of gets rid of a whole lot of hangups!!!!

      1. Yes Merrill – I truly fully agree and understand. We are co-creators with God and each other. I am grateful that I was lead to this conclusion as you were. However, as much as my head “knows this” my heart aches for peace. It helps so much to read your words and know that you understand. I am copying your words and keeping them close by. God sends his/her messages of hope to me in very special ways. Thank you dear friend.

        1. The only way to peace is to be who you are…let everything else go… I guess my life has erupted so many times that I’ve lost everything so many times I understand that just “being”… simplify….You can not save the world, you can not fix the world… You have to understand your limits…and stay within them… build your life within the authority and power that is yours… let everything else go…it is not yours …and you have no responsibility for it. So often we feel we “have” to do things because it’s presented as something that”s “good” …. well hell is paved with good intentions. I have seen more destruction than you can imagine caused by people who felt they had to fix the world…
          The funny thing is, what is yours will follow… you can’t lose it. At first it feels strange … and the silence seems so frightening… but it’s in the silence where the peace lies… You must know that because your poetry is so in touch with that….

          1. Yes. I do know this. And yes – thank the heavens for nature and poetry and humor – my outlets. I am a fledgling painter and color is also another emotional release for me. The “letting go and being oneself” is the key. The truth is that we are all loved – flaws and all and it’s our journey to come into this love for ourselves – flaws and all. Funny what a lightning strike can evoke!

  3. I love Donna’s haiku…. “canny” … to go cautiously… Sometimes in life – life itself causes us to be “uncanny”… Finding out we are still alive is what is so astounding!

    1. Donna – love your haiku as well – very fine indeed and insightful. Thank you. And your quick your response to it too Merrill! What a fun post this turned out to be with great insight, sharing and poetry. Love, love, love it!!! So very grateful for all. I especially love when comments take on a life of their own. Seen it happen on many blogs and leads to the appreciation of the organic nature of conversation. Merrill, Donna and Maggie – I wish I could hug you! Virtual hugs. Andrea

      1. Consider yourself hugged! I too love a conversation that develops among friends. Nothing like it. 🙂

  4. I hope you all don’t mind me jumping in on your conversation…
    My lightning has not been quite as dramatic…But I continually find myself running into repeating themes – that are trying to tell me something. This post and the following exchange, plays perfectly into that inner dialogue running ’round my head for the last few months. I just wanted to let you all know – I appreciate these words finding me today. xo teri

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