Rest Stop Rejuvenate

Last night I attended a delightful “Open Mic” session at a local alternative gathering spot as comfy and cozy as my own living room.

Alternative because the musicians, songwriters and poets are us.

Alternative because the room is set up with couches, pillows and stools in such a way as to promote intimate conversation as well as space for tuning guitars, helping yourself to a cup of tea or wide circles of laughter.

Alternative because local hard-working souls by day can get together once a month and sing, strum or drum their hearts out to original or favorite songs.

Alternative because everyone is supported, encouraged and inspired to “sing or play” out loud or not. Especially charming young “musicians-in-training”.

Rest Stop Rejuvenate is community-based space and mind-set where the concepts of gathering and sharing are realized. Vicky Mulligan is the heart and soul and hard-working spirit who birthed and nursed this truly joyful physical and emotional place that I for one have been searching for in a lifetime.

Please visit online:

Vicky is available and willing to share her concept and more.


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