New moon solar eclipse

Blame it on the new moon and solar eclipse!

I was led astray again. The Sunday morning sun came streaming in the kitchen window through the blinds and I ran for my camera before I got dressed, brushed my teeth and greeted the dog.  The striations of light were just too radiant for me to ignore.   My enthusiasm quickly evaporated for my planned chore of switching from winter to summer clothes which I have to crawl in the attic to retrieve and store.  Also, I will have to bake muffins at another junction. 

Instead – this is what appeared before my happy eyes:

Yes – I did run around the house collecting pieces to reflect the light.

The refracted light reminds me of beach shells and nature’s own web of spirals.  It’s really all about light and color and skipping the boring stuff to follow your passion now.  Tomorrow however,  I’ll be sweating in long sleeves and jeans!  All in the name of ART.

for what ?
ag ~ 2012

The greening of rain

as much as sky chooses to converse
in many varied moods
it is the steady rhythm of rain
that puddles and splashes
over petals and birdbaths
that beckons me

into a summer meadow
fragrant with honeysuckle
rolling off leaves almost full this sky
beguiles and flirts with moist lashes
seductive chords weaving through
twilight silencing birdsong

I am led and willingly follow
into evening’s darkness
without stars to intrude
the scent of sky and earth
mingle in a soft embrace
this greening of rain


Today was the quintessential lovely spring day.  Wonderful for a stroll through town and delightful for admiring the work of artists splashed along Morristown’s sidewalks and alleys.  Also on display were the onlookers colorfully attired with and without hats.  I couldn’t stop smiling!

people watching
only the moon
has a better view