Today was the quintessential lovely spring day.  Wonderful for a stroll through town and delightful for admiring the work of artists splashed along Morristown’s sidewalks and alleys.  Also on display were the onlookers colorfully attired with and without hats.  I couldn’t stop smiling!

people watching
only the moon
has a better view

8 thoughts on “Artwalk

  1. That must have been SOME hotdog! 🙂 … I love watching people too. I can’t tell you the years of outdoor art shows I’ve done…I think I had more fun watching the people than they did looking at my paintings. I could tell you stories!

  2. It’s true Merrill – people are true works of art as long as we keep a sense of humor! I get sidetracked easily too if you haven’t already noticed. I am blessed with a great curiosity and sometimes very lucky it doesn’t get me in trouble.

  3. You’re lucky. I’ve spent most of my life digging myself out of the trouble my curiosity got me into. My Mom warned me that “curiosity killed the cat!” but I didn’t listen. It’s still getting me into hot water, but now, a little older and wiser, I seem to be able to sense when it’s time to leave before I get in too deep!

    1. Merrill – You are a true work of art and what’s so impressive is that you are still evolving and creating even as we post! Blessings, blessings, blessings. You give me great hope.

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