The greening of rain

as much as sky chooses to converse
in many varied moods
it is the steady rhythm of rain
that puddles and splashes
over petals and birdbaths
that beckons me

into a summer meadow
fragrant with honeysuckle
rolling off leaves almost full this sky
beguiles and flirts with moist lashes
seductive chords weaving through
twilight silencing birdsong

I am led and willingly follow
into evening’s darkness
without stars to intrude
the scent of sky and earth
mingle in a soft embrace
this greening of rain


7 thoughts on “The greening of rain

  1. “. . . this greening of rain”

    A wondrous phrase that comes closest to it, I think; and brings to mind linguist and writer Noam Chomsky’s “green thoughts”. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Donna. It came and claimed me. I wrote the poem around the phrase. It also took me out of a deep funk. The rain and the green and the poem and now your comment! 🙂

          1. Truly likewise, AG! Just another human being who stumbles and tries not to curse the stone that undid her, lol. Your steady presence after all helped open my eyes. Here’s to more sharing days to come. DF

  2. This is great, Donna and Angie in one post…. I’ll have to come in late like this more often! I am doubly blessed with such great friends.
    Angie, is it true that your birds stop singing in the rain where you are? Here, they are jubilant with it rains…you should hear them. It sounds like a tropical rain forest! This year I’m blessed with so many birds.

    1. Merrill, I just happened to notice their silence that one rain. Otherwise they are always raucous and I love it. Just now (dusk) and the jays are outdoing themselves. The songbirds are a true gift. Thanks for all the likes and comments. I was feeling a little down today and yes friends like you and Donna lift my spirit truly. Much love and gratitude to you both. Andrea

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