Summer Grace

Summer Grace

visits every garden
that grows basil and tomatoes
and licks her fingers
after dipping into hives
of wildflower honey
rose petals cling to her hips
and fireflies hitch onto her eyelashes

summer grace perspires freely
her lips are stained
with blackberry wine
and her cheeks flush cherry and peach
she grazes on cobs of sun buttered corn
while sprigs of fresh mint grow
around her ankles and toes

squalls and thundershowers
come and go
around her outstretched arms
as grassy meadows reach for the sky
all sunflowers turn their heads
in the presence
of summer grace


Almost There

Almost There

is the name of a small wooden sloop
who has blown around for awhile
her paint is chipped
and her topside well-worn
her bottom needs attention
and her teak a bit tarnished
but her sails are still strong

she is a bay boat
sails with clammers and crabbers
past osprey nests
islands of egrets and gulls
and floating eel grass
she’s always on the watch for power boats
towing water skiiers on one leg now

Almost There enjoys sharing the bay
with kayaks and clouds
misses the old days filled with windsurfers
she lives for the bay breezes and freshening wind
tolerates the fog and navigates the changing tide
she loves a strong hand on her tiller
and knows that the  joy is in the ride to almost there

ag ~ 2012

Rugged Grace

Rugged Grace

is a seasoned sailor
on an old wooden sloop with teak trim
that he named Almost There
he helped build her
with his carpentry
and bartering skills
he is a loner yet a friendly companion

swapping tales and gently ribbing
his cohort Romantic Grace
Rugged Grace also climbs mountains
and cross country skis
he has ruddy cheeks
a ready smile
and calloused hands

he likes his oysters and beer
plays harmonica and acoustic guitar
is an engaging storyteller
at home anywhere under the stars
and like an old sea tortoise

that swims along a coral reef

rugged grace is buoyant and free



ag ~ 2012

Laughing Grace

Laughing Grace

is politically neutral

and most assuredly very incorrect

she used to post jokes

with her only phone number

on bathroom stalls

she cusses with made-up words

and listens to the trombone in her spare time


Laughing Grace drinks out of birdbaths

and spits watermelon seeds

rippling water wherever she goes

she dips into the peanut butter jar

at 3:00 am without a spoon

and you can always find her on swingsets

legs and toes pumping for the moon


she dances naturally

and links arms with her cousin Wild Grace

tiger lilies and queen anne’s lace

nod to her as she sweeps by

she always greets you with a “ciao bella”

and when least expected – Laughing Grace visits

the most welcome guest

ag ~ 2012

Wild Grace

Wild Grace

is best friends with
Garden Grace
as she skips through puddles
and flowers her curls
with sticks and weeds
she whistles back at the wind
through pinkie and fore fingers

she sleeps naked
under the balsamic moon
and strings pine cone earrings
her legs are strong
her laughter much louder
and she wonders why others
run from the rain

you cannot often find her
as she hides in the shadow
of indigo silhouettes
lest her joy
be mistaken for madness
instead of her passion
for things all of wild grace

ag~ 2012

Solstice prayer

with arms folded
around her legs
and head bowed
in solitude
I find her –
garden grace

the sun lingers late
blushing red poppies
into twilight
and a grudging dusk
until fireflies
unbundle her light –
garden grace

light into dark
dark into light
folding and unfolding
pulsing stillness
she only asks
for this moment –
garden grace

ag ~ 2012

A Modern Day Fairy Blog Tale

Each line below is/was the actual name of a blog originating mostly on Tumblr. All of them represent the creative muse at work. I was inspired to string them together to present this modern-day-fairy-blog. Imagination and a sense of delight is all that is needed to join me in this whimsical tour of human nature!

start handing out stars

your average ordinary hero

you were charming last night

go away come back

moods of the moon

some blonde

life over does

casseroles and cleavage

writing on the walls

bagels are the new donuts

hippies were right

reality killed the dream

and she down by the river


brown dress with white polka dots

under the same sofa

everything you ask me

i just might

but it feels like forever

call me crazy – love

no perfect day for banana fish

wild storms

gravity sex

night tattoo

rainbow fizzy hooker

whiskey soaked

that was me seducing you

grace and sweet tea

almost touched the sky

~ ~ ~

These are but a few of the colorful and reflective names that ordinary souls call on to speak to us in the virtual world.

new moon
in and out of dreams
a play of words

ag ~ 2012

Loss and longing



in the swerve

of the stream bed

tree roots tap deep

into the day

and stone nests

fold into falling water

giving voice to its flow –

the  cadence and rhythm

of loss and longing




ag ~ 2012