A Modern Day Fairy Blog Tale

Each line below is/was the actual name of a blog originating mostly on Tumblr. All of them represent the creative muse at work. I was inspired to string them together to present this modern-day-fairy-blog. Imagination and a sense of delight is all that is needed to join me in this whimsical tour of human nature!

start handing out stars

your average ordinary hero

you were charming last night

go away come back

moods of the moon

some blonde

life over does

casseroles and cleavage

writing on the walls

bagels are the new donuts

hippies were right

reality killed the dream

and she down by the river


brown dress with white polka dots

under the same sofa

everything you ask me

i just might

but it feels like forever

call me crazy – love

no perfect day for banana fish

wild storms

gravity sex

night tattoo

rainbow fizzy hooker

whiskey soaked

that was me seducing you

grace and sweet tea

almost touched the sky

~ ~ ~

These are but a few of the colorful and reflective names that ordinary souls call on to speak to us in the virtual world.

new moon
in and out of dreams
a play of words

ag ~ 2012

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