Solstice prayer

with arms folded
around her legs
and head bowed
in solitude
I find her –
garden grace

the sun lingers late
blushing red poppies
into twilight
and a grudging dusk
until fireflies
unbundle her light –
garden grace

light into dark
dark into light
folding and unfolding
pulsing stillness
she only asks
for this moment –
garden grace

ag ~ 2012

7 thoughts on “Solstice prayer

  1. It’s a little too hot to go out today… thanks for your poem… garden grace is such a cooling thuoght….

    1. I had to work outside most of the day in the heat. It’s my least favorite weather. If not for the gardens – I would wilt. It is best to stay indoors if you can and venture out in early morning or twilight. I toast you Merrill with a tall glass of iced tea mixed with pomegranate juice and lemon. It’s about as strong a drink as I can handle right now! Andrea

      1. Stay cool as you can. I wouldn’t go out if my life depended on it… except this evening for a few moments to give my garden a bit of a drink.

  2. A beautiful poem. I love the flow jof it and especially the second stanza, “the sun lingers late blushing red poppies into twilight…” So perfect, this summer soltice prayer.

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