Wild Grace

Wild Grace

is best friends with
Garden Grace
as she skips through puddles
and flowers her curls
with sticks and weeds
she whistles back at the wind
through pinkie and fore fingers

she sleeps naked
under the balsamic moon
and strings pine cone earrings
her legs are strong
her laughter much louder
and she wonders why others
run from the rain

you cannot often find her
as she hides in the shadow
of indigo silhouettes
lest her joy
be mistaken for madness
instead of her passion
for things all of wild grace

ag~ 2012

4 thoughts on “Wild Grace

    1. Thanks Donna. Just now read your haiku in SxSE – finding its way back/sure as the sun/a dandelion – another bow to this gracefully wild poem and flower/weed. Andrea

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