Almost There

Almost There

is the name of a small wooden sloop
who has blown around for awhile
her paint is chipped
and her topside well-worn
her bottom needs attention
and her teak a bit tarnished
but her sails are still strong

she is a bay boat
sails with clammers and crabbers
past osprey nests
islands of egrets and gulls
and floating eel grass
she’s always on the watch for power boats
towing water skiiers on one leg now

Almost There enjoys sharing the bay
with kayaks and clouds
misses the old days filled with windsurfers
she lives for the bay breezes and freshening wind
tolerates the fog and navigates the changing tide
she loves a strong hand on her tiller
and knows that the  joy is in the ride to almost there

ag ~ 2012

4 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Great name for a boat. Hope she never gets “there”…from the sound of it the journey is all one could ask for.

    1. Thanks Merrill. You are right – it’s all about the journey. This name popped into my head out of the blue, and I relate to the old wooden sloop and her journey as my own.
      Sailing is one of my favorite metaphors for life. “Almost There” cheers me up! 🙂 So glad you like it too.

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