Rugged Grace

Rugged Grace

is a seasoned sailor
on an old wooden sloop with teak trim
that he named Almost There
he helped build her
with his carpentry
and bartering skills
he is a loner yet a friendly companion

swapping tales and gently ribbing
his cohort Romantic Grace
Rugged Grace also climbs mountains
and cross country skis
he has ruddy cheeks
a ready smile
and calloused hands

he likes his oysters and beer
plays harmonica and acoustic guitar
is an engaging storyteller
at home anywhere under the stars
and like an old sea tortoise

that swims along a coral reef

rugged grace is buoyant and free



ag ~ 2012

5 thoughts on “Rugged Grace

      1. No, I never had the chance … but John and I used to go for photo shoots all along the Maine coast for his paintings. That shot looks as if it could have been anyplace along the way. That was one magical time in my life.

        1. I love the Maine coast too. This photo was taken on Barnegat Bay, Long Beach Island, NJ. Just out of sight behind the boat in the distance is the causeway bridge. The area has been my muse for many a haiku and photo!

          1. Looks just like Mount Desert Island in Maine… I can understand why it would be your place of refuge. I could use a place like that right about now! 🙂

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