Summer Grace

Summer Grace

visits every garden
that grows basil and tomatoes
and licks her fingers
after dipping into hives
of wildflower honey
rose petals cling to her hips
and fireflies hitch onto her eyelashes

summer grace perspires freely
her lips are stained
with blackberry wine
and her cheeks flush cherry and peach
she grazes on cobs of sun buttered corn
while sprigs of fresh mint grow
around her ankles and toes

squalls and thundershowers
come and go
around her outstretched arms
as grassy meadows reach for the sky
all sunflowers turn their heads
in the presence
of summer grace

6 thoughts on “Summer Grace

  1. And we are blessed with Summer Grace…. What a gorgeous morning today brought! At the Farmer’s Market… everything under the sun waiting to be picked!

  2. Lovely poem. Recalls a short poem I wrote awhile ago, one of those gifts from the yard:

    leaves of bleeding hearts
    now gold
    so do broken hearts mend
    so does grief heal
    Autumn Grace

    Blessings, Ellen

    1. Thank you Ellen. This means allot to me now. My best friend is dying and the grief at times coming in waves is overwhelming. Writing and nature walks are my saving “grace”. Your beautiful tanka gives me hope. I know that healing will come soon enough. I am very grateful for your sharing your poem. It is so appropriate at this time.

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