Healing Grace


Healing Grace


is an angel

posing as a great-grandmother to-be

cheerfully waiting on a wooden bench

despite having a broken hip

outside a local pizza parlor

she is an artist with loopy earrings

that dangle Crayola crayon colors


her sun sign is Cancer

and she roots for the  Mets

Healing Grace opened a school

in the Brookdale Reform Church

and charges only eight dollars

for classes to paint but more so

to color create healthy self-esteem


she wears a crescent moon for a smile

and has twinkling stars in her eyes

offers her hand in friendship

and compliments everyone’s name

it’s easy to overlook this gentle dame

sitting on a park bench or the downtown bus

however healing grace won’t let you go without a kind word first


ag ~ 2012

for Pat Hill

6 thoughts on “Healing Grace

  1. What a loving remembrance of a person who knows where the heart resides. Gentle steadfast love in the form of an old woman… an image we could all wish to aspire to.

    1. Thank you. She is a beautiful lady who I met sitting on a bench waiting for my pizza. We chatted for only ten minutes and yet it was if we knew each other for many lifetimes. I needed solace that day and she was sent to me (colorful earrings and all) in healing grace. A gift in the form of a human angel who is exactly as the poem suggests. Life continues to amaze me despite everything else! Andrea

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