Death and Rebirth

Side by Side

Let me see who you are
let me look you in the face
please do not squint
I want to see the color
of your eyes

Come closer
there is a bench we can share
side by side
I can feel the sun on my back
with you next to me
I am unafraid

Smell the dew
on the green grass
it too lingers
enjoying the morning
and warming air

This graveyard
is so peaceful
as clouds ease by
it’s comforting to know
the sky is a favored
guest here

Someone planned ahead
this is a nice stone bench
for us to sit awhile
in stillness
the lichen know it well

Death –
forget your shadow
and come walk with me
side by side
friends now
always look me in the eye

ag ~ 2012

8 thoughts on “Death and Rebirth

  1. A very beautiful poem. I like the idea of befriending that place or being (Death) that we can’t see while in the midst of all the beauty that we can see and feel, almost like the two worlds have become one. Your poem accomplished that for me. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Finally looking death straight on – head to head, shoulder to shouder, eye to eye actually relieves the fear. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ audio tape “The Radiant Coat” helped me with this tremendously. I highly recommend it Cynthia. She is a traditional “Storyteller” and was instumental in guiding a healing view of Death = Rebirth. I work closely with nature on a daily basis (I am a gardener/tree grower) and I know this to be true, however I needed to be reminded when it became too personal. Thank you and all for your comments – lovely, lovely support at a critical time. Blessings to all of us, Andrea.

    1. Hi S T Summers. Thanks for commenting and your question. I too have a great curiosity about life and things. I am mainly a haiku poet and contemporary haiku omits punctuation and no longer uses the 17 syllable, 3 line format, so I carried it over to this poem. When I sat down and wrote it – the poem tumbled out. I can use some punctuation in my series of “Grace” poems but like the flow without. I am not a technically trained poet or painter. This may have something to do with it. Your blog is also very interesting. I am amazed at the specific genre of “Civil War Poetry”. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Andrea

  2. this is one of the best poems i have ever read. just fantastic. loved the way you have offered peace to death. i too dont feel afraid of death,actually he sounds more like a friend who is certain to come.


    1. Thank you Shsrmishtha. My best friend is dying and she is facing death with courage and the knowing that she is moving into another form of life – a rebirth. The pain comes from a loss in this walk of life. We both understand that when you love you really never lose each other. Death can be a friend if we choose to live without this fear of loss. Very difficult but healing. Thank you so much for your tender comments – I will share them with my friend. Andrea

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