Wisdom Seeks Nothing

Recently, I went out on a Friday night lark with a good friend to check out some art galleries and eat some homemade Middle Eastern Food in a burgeoning artist-friendly and historic neighboring town – Boonton, NJ.. It was all that I hoped it to be and then some! The food was aromatic, sensual and soulfully satisfying in a small, hot and steamy mom and pop restaurant that was filled with falafel-loving diners. We walked the rolling hills of the main street, sat on the curb to watch passers-by, took photos of a group of young goth friends, had our own photo taken in turn by the same group as my friend and I leaned on an old hearst (cannot make this stuff up), found a Columbian pastry shop clerk willing to make us iced-coffee without understanding the concept but happily successful without the ice and bumping into quirky strangers no stranger than ourselves with whom we had wonderfully surreal conversations. And if that is not enough – we discovered an artist and gallery worth visiting over and over.

The artist is Brenda A. Edwards (brendaedwardsart.com) who is an abstract painter captivating and capturing the emotional and natural light and color of dusk and daylight with oils on cradled wood. We fell in love with her lovely interpretations and my friend ended up purchasing two of her pieces. While I was charmed and intrigued by her strokes and fluid blending of color – I was totally mesmerized by the titles of her paintings which I found to be poetic truths:

Wisdom Seeks Nothing

Very much like the line from the song “Me and Bobby McGee” by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” and made famous by the late great raspy Janis Joplin – this title can be a work of art onto itself. Is this the truth? If so what am I doing about it? Why am I here? and all the philosophical musings that go with it. If nothing else (sic) it’s a great line, a great title and a great approach to life. Something to savor.

Thank you to Brenda A. Edwards who is represented by the s.h.e. gallery (www.shegallery.com) in Boonton, NJ for her poetry as well as her paintings. Actually, I can no longer separate the two.

Thank you also to Nancy Sulla, owner of the fine gallery, for representing Brenda A. Edwards and her contribution to causes “Supporting Human Equality” (S.H.E.). Dr. Sulla is also the founder and President of IDE Corp – Innovative Designs for Education and a town leader in supporting the arts.

So back to our fun Friday night out – a happy synchronistic mix of art, poetry, falafel, quirky conversations, a hearst, luke-warm but satisfying iced-coffee, more galleries and artists to discover, a goth group of young adults, hearty belly laughs with a new dear friend and the promise of many more artist dates, new liasons and amusing romps.

Boonton is host to open galleries/art walks the first Friday of every month. Hope to see you there.

One thought on “Wisdom Seeks Nothing

  1. I am glad you enjoyed your time in Boonton. While it is not my home, it is close to home. All the best.

    S. Thomas Summers
    Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

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