6 thoughts on “Summer ku

    1. Thanks Merrill. Certainly is different. Lots of changes for the better although with loss attached. Loving the harvest of vegetables. How is your garden? I love early and late summer – a real richness in the air and earth! Hope all is well with you. Andrea

      1. A groundhog came through and ate most of my garden except for the summer squash that’s too prickly for his liking… and so far my beets are still there and the potato vines are huge…hope there’s potatoes under the soil. The parsley came up strange this year and I had a dreadful time germinating my basil… but finally have gotten a couple of pots going … I may have enough for autumn meals but not enough to freeze for winter. I’m extremely thankful we’re finally coming to the cool drier weather. I can’t wait to get out with my camera… it’s been too hot and muggy for me to get out much at all. But been busy…. very busy indeed.

        I’m sorry to hear you’ve had losses… I feel there have been a lot of losses as my prayer list keeps growing…. I hope there is a place now in your life for new life to grow and flourish…. Take care, Merrill

        1. Yes Merrill – where there is death there is rebirth. Sometimes a very hard concept to know and love but oh so true. There definately is new life and new growth. I know that you understand this very well and are a joyful teacher/healer to many of us. Your wisdom is a guiding light! And yes – too hot for me too. I had to work outside in the heat most mornings. Took refuge in the afternoons, so these are wonderful days ahead for many artistic pursuits. Blessings, Andrea.

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