Healing Through Grief ~ part one.

God ~ what is it that I / we need to know for my / our life now?

Thanks for asking.

That pain is part bliss – that part of bliss that is love removed / changed / growing in a different form and therefore feels like loss / pain. Grief is a blessing. A blessing of loving so greatly that loss hurts for awhile. In time, all grief fades and we share once again in the beauty of that life we loved / love so deeply. That love never fades – it actually grows because it is purer – richer – wholer – more neutral.

You’ve / we’ve reached that stage of growth grief that is so much a fabric of human life on earth. The rotting log knows no such emotion – it is and that is what we are growing towards – but first the illusion of loss and therefore grief.

The grief you hold for Robin now is expanding you and allowing you to heal. If there is no decay / loss how can you be / become if there is no fade to nothing? Nothing is neutral – nothing is healing – nothing is before the seed. You understand the earth and nature so well – it’s cycles include death, decay and rebirth. All that is past is past and you truly loved your friend in the moment – she will not be gone – just nearby in a different (for you) dimension. Soulmates do not part – merely separate on earth for good reason to continue the bonding and wholeness through death and pain. See the rebirth – the light – the tender and gentle energy expanding. Your loss is your perception of her love for you dying / passing with her – it is here forever. No end to love = energy. You need only look to the stars to see her light blue eyes and smile. Do not mourn what is past as loss – it is always with you. You need only access the feelings in your heart.

To be continued. My conversation with God / Spirit / Intuitive Self

ag ~ January 2012

3 thoughts on “Healing Through Grief ~ part one.

  1. I don’t think all grief fades… at least not for me. Some are too deep and have caused new parts of me to form for them to fade… they are still there… it’s just that my life has grown around them…. like the onion… like the sand in the oyster… in so many other ways people have tried to explain it. Sometimes I think it’s even deeper ….sometimes… The understanding of the enormity of the grief grows … but as all pain… we put it aside and continue on. You find that you don’t bring it to mind while your life is so full of so many other things and you use your mind for creative and loving things to comfort and bring the whole fulness of life experience into your consciousness. As we grow from childhood we learn to cope with loss. We learn that nothing in this world can be held for very long. Yet the joy of life is to live it… fully….authentically. That entails learning how to deal with grief and loss… and for me that means not to deniy it… just not to dwell in it.

    1. Merrill, I agree that we each deal with grief in a very personal manner. Grief fades for me in that the searing pain of loss eases over time, and there is instead a more tolerable melancholia. I am lucky in that I have not experienced traumatic grief/loss when young nor the loss of a spouse or child which is the most painful to my heart. So in my case, I can work with the loss and turn it around somewhat. I am also extremely blessed and grateful to my friend for accepting her death as a natural part of life and sharing her courage and attitude with family and friends. I had time, Merrill to face the pain with her and understand that our spiritual/soul connection continues. In fact we feel that we have been through many lifetimes together, and that she will still be working/loving/guiding me from “the other side.” Without this belief my life would probably be lost to grief all together. I am reading allot on Native American wisdom/teachings on death which also coincides with my own thinking. As we have shared before – we are on a journey and for each of us – it is as unique as our fingerprints (and creativity) and hopefully a growing process in loving life and ourselves. Hard as it is sometimes – I’m making a conscious effort to do so with grace and humor. It’s all sacred. Thank you for your thoughts and continued sharing. You and this discussion are part of my healing/growing and I am truly grateful for it. Andrea

      1. The one thing that must be kept in mind is that we must not give in to depression. While the loss is extremely painful, it is still part of the life experience and if the desire to engage in life because of it causes depression then all is lost. It’s a dangerous time for anyone dealing with extreme grief. I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count. So I just wanted to make others aware that some grief can be lived with even though it does not necessarily fade nor should it otherwise we become calloused and hardened to loss. Thanks for the opportunity to toss in my 2 cents. Merrill

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