Healing Through Grief ~ part two.

I’m listening God.

Thank you.

Play. Show up not slow up with your painting and writing. You are gathering info and insight and color knowledge – do not worry about the end result. You need to learn / are learning what not to do as well as to do. Stay present and open up to the process of the garden design to allow freshness and new color to develop / unfold. Pay attention to details – show up – breathe in the beauty – breathe in the sky.

pink tulips
and dandelion
alone not alone

Alone not alone – the dichotomy – connected so strong to spirit / light / love / earth / air / stars / water – each other – alone to see to respond to awaken to heal to grow – spring opens you up – the same as tulips. Crocus energy as Robin says – despite winter elements – reaches for the sky.

pink tulips breathe in the sky

The key is to keep writing and painting (creating). Paint the pinkness of the tulips. Paint the fragrance of light. The tulips capture / grow this. The stillness yet the motion of opening growing. Try many brushstrokes – the color will lead / decide – the strokes will show the growth / opening – the texture carries the fragrance too. Use music (listen) to feel the light color fragrance vibration. The touch of a small brush – edges in poetry and painting – delicate real / illusionary yet real to the eye. Paint for the soul – include the eye – ear – nose – touch of the hand – warmth or cool of the skin – taste of the tongue – breathe it all in – capture the essence of the flower.

Walk into the bloom – stay awhile. Flowers always speak to artists in color light fragrance. Capture the petals glow – the dichotomy again – something so fragile yet so strong like yourself. Call in your own essence – that part of you that is flower-like – the freedom to grow in the sun, breathe in the sky, color the earth. Use your connection to paint / poet this. Call to the tulips’ energy and ask for help / guidance and the essence. Ask the sky for help too – imagination and sight – another dichotomy all wonderful. Show up and allow the breeze to carry your spirit into work – it’s all the same. Allow the fragrance to permeate all around you – let your soul flow – be unafraid to blend the two – reality and imagination – quietly a sophistication results.

cornflower blue
saying I love you
over and over

ag ~ 2012

wind in the trees
wind in the grass
wind in my dance

With gratitude, Andrea

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