On Getting Lost

It’s good to get lost sometimes.  Sometimes on the road and sometimes in general.  It can open the way to a new vista both literally and figuratively.  I got lost the other night on my way to an art center in another county.  I googled the directions haphazardly (no GPS), as I am prone to do, and figured that I could easily find my way.  An hour past my designated arrival time with the sun setting and sensing that I passed my destination, I started my usual inner dialog getting annoyed with me for yet again getting in the car without really knowing where I was going yada yada yada.  However,  I found myself mostly alone on a winding rural road that led me through fields of goldenrod, odd striped cows (or bulls) and semi-wild meadows.  It was almost sublime, and I vowed to return with camera in hand.  This (Sunday) morning I retraced my tire tracks and happily discovered a beautiful area of New Jersey within twenty minutes of my home.  And on my ride to there – I solved a dilemma that had been plaguing my painting and artwork.  In every way lately – on the road – at my easel – and above all in my daily life – I am finding a new and better way after finally giving in to getting lost.


 lost in its bloom the goldenrod alters my perspective

ag~ 2012




7 thoughts on “On Getting Lost

    1. Yes Merrill – one never knows exactly why things happen. At first I was upset with myself, however I’m thankful that I was able to catch on that I was being led to where I really needed to go. Funny how we sometimes need to take the circular route. Anyway – it ended up being better than finding the art center right away. Enjoy these crisp lovely Autumn days! Andrea

  1. heartlandroad – thank you for identifying these cattle – an apt name. Never saw them before and as I was riding along and came upon them for the first tiime around dusk – I was amazed! They are handsome.

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