Dying: A Natural Passage by Denys Cope

I have been writing a lot of poetry and prose on death and grief lately because  of the recent death of a beloved friend.  It was a very difficult passage in my life that we all move through.  I was highly fortunate to witness and share (from afar) my friend’s two-year journey through all the stages of ovarian cancer.  She chose quality of life by using natural means to walk through the disease.  Her courage and grace were unparalleled and a  healing light for all of us who were touched by her life.

I visited my friend Robin this past July for the last time to celebrate her sixtieth birthday and share our last goodbye and lasting love.  It was extremely difficult for me to come to terms with her illness and dying after a friendship that spanned forty-two years.  She was a wonder – full playmate with fairy-like spirit.  When I visited – she and her partner Marsie were reading a very important book: Dying: A Natural Passage  by Denys Cope, a hospice nurse for over forty years.  Robin suggested that I read it too.  I did read it and along with my friends’ example, Denys’ book changed my outlook from one of deep sorrow and suffering to one of rebirth and love through the natural grief.  Dying: A Natural Passage is a hands-on, easy-to-read practical guide that gives loved ones real tools needed to support the spiritual and very down-to-earth business of death, dying and continuing life with courage, dignity and clarity.  I cannot emphasize the word ‘practical’ enough.  I have since purchased several copies so that I can keep one for myself and share the rest with friends.  Through the difficult and diligent work of people like Denys and all hospice practitioners – very many of us and our loved ones dealing with death are comforted and healed inside and out by our last choices before passing into a new life.  My friends and I are forever grateful to Denys and all hospice workers for gently teaching us that there is a peaceful and healthy way to pass into a new life.  Most highly recommended reading for everyone.  A wise and easy book to read.

To learn more about her work, visit http://www.denyscope.com


In Native American wisdom, that my friend Robin so cherished  ~ “Wholeness is not seen as the duration one has lived but rather the fullness with which one enters each complete moment.”     Quote from the book Who Dies by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

Thank you to all family,  friends and fellow bloggers from around the globe who so sensitively supported me through this difficult time and commented with true compassion.

2 thoughts on “Dying: A Natural Passage by Denys Cope

  1. Always a difficult time. Who knows why I stumbled here today, but your words touched my heart. Sending you comfort and beautiful skies in which to do a whole lot of reminiscing.

    1. Thank you Emily B. It is so endearing when complete strangers join in the conversation and especially when you offer sincere empathy and kindness. It truly helps and goes a log way towards our healing each other. Blessings and please drop in again. Andrea

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