Sunday skinny dippin

From my journal entry – 6/4/72

went skinny dipping for the first time today with Becky st Shadow Lake in Greenfield… a kind of freedom and sense of rebellion almost – fantastic – water warm too… complete vulnerability gave me a supreme strength – no one could hurt me because I was completely open ~

and this today:

soft ripples
my body remembers
for me

ag ~ December 2012


The Hitchhiker…

In preparation for and in addition to writing “a small stone” a day in January and a haiku a day in February 2013 – I am sharing excerpts from my journal going back to my existential hippie days and musings.

This first one is dated 10/10/72 – just dropped out of Boston University after my second year in college. All comments in parentheses () are current explanations:

picked up a lone hitchhiker complete with backpack, soft curly hair and
wire rims…Harvard…lived in Cambridge…now on his way to Arizona to work with an architect on unique city structure – camps out a lot.

he’s fascinated by my new Volks(wagon bug) tried the seatbelt
mother from S. Dakota – father from Yugoslavia (very dated now) – parents live in Vienna
hitching this time of year, he has a common subject (to discuss) with people across the country – elections
advised me to vote – not for change but to make change easier
asked me questions – his first reaction – glad that I quit waitressing
felt good giving him a lift – I identified with and admired him
wants to buy land in Vermont with a friend
who doesn’t?

ag ~ from my journal

One Moment










It’s that time of year for sharing, gift-giving and reflecting – many, many holidays and traditions.  We came through The Solstice with sadness this time as well as with a committment to change on many levels by a great many souls.  The following heart-felt poem was sent to me by a friend who is a loving young mother, a poet, humanitarian, animal lover and fellow blogger.  In response to the Sandy Hook Massacre she wrote and shared this poem with me, and I would like to share it here with you.   We are entering a new age that promises connections that are truly based on acceptance of diversity and a genuine compassion for all.  I believe this to be true despite a painful birthing process.

Blessings for the courage, stamina and wisdom for all of us to get there.  Gratitude for your love and support and twinkles of stardust for slipping and sliding along the slippery way in a fun and joyous ride.



In this Moment

In this moment

I will tell you I love you

I will choose to put aside the errands
the being late
the lunch that isn’t packed
I will not comment
on your hair that I just combed
and is now a mess again
I will not focus on the toys left strewn about
or how I stubbed my toe

In this moment
I will pause
I will pull you tight to me so I can feel your heart beat
I will bury my tears in your hair
In this moment
I will tell you I love you a thousand times
and kiss you a thousand times more

In this moment
I will do this for the parents who cannot

-Michele Fawcett
“The Dreaming Dilettante”


Uncommon Grace

Uncommon Grace

Forgives beyond reason
loves beyond need
calms the unsettled
and understands
Truth often travels with Pain.
Uncommon Grace balances
the world of reason and imagination
for children of all ages
and is unafraid to collect snow globes
and randomly gift them to strangers
or walk dogs waiting for a home
at the local shelter.

Uncommon Grace lives 
with weeds and wildflowers
side by side
believing that we need both
in order to flourish
and that weeds are often there 
to remind us of our own unruly energy
that has its own story and strength.

Uncommon Grace holds the space
in peace and quiet prayer
until Healing Grace
can enter and work.
Without fanfare Uncommon Grace
comes and goes bidden and unbidden
and when this happens
you can hear
pines whisper
brooks ripple 
and a star sigh 
its soft blue light
through the long 
of an indigo night.

ag ~  December 2012

in response to 
Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook School Massacre

A Shared Moment

On an otherwise
foggy dim day
there she stood –
in her brilliant red
winter coat
meeting my gaze
head up
alert but not frightened
and knowing the dog
was tethered on a leash.

As soon as I looked away
she went about her daily living
so light on her feet
scampering off
and yet
for that one shared moment
eye to eye
we were kin –
the red fox
and me.

ag ~ 2012

that That







that That


that song that keeps playing in my head

that retort I wish I never said

that money I wasted on a dress

that time you asked but I did not say yes

that photo I never got to take

that mistep I refused to make

that jealousy I fought so hard to erase

that that creeps into a deeper place

that longing I cannot control

that rant when I am on a roll

that day I gave up to work instead of play

that day I gave into shadow’s way

that I know I’ll do it all again

that unruly energy I now call friend

that chaos is another path taken

that that leads to gifts starting to awaken

that I can now face the pain

that unruly energy called passion stands to gain

that we so often mislabel what is truly in our hearts

that is that sum of all its wondrous parts


ag ~ 2012

with gratitude…

inspired by ~

Vicky…on November’s full moon

What Was Told, That by Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks

So too, all the stops  by R. Corman