that That







that That


that song that keeps playing in my head

that retort I wish I never said

that money I wasted on a dress

that time you asked but I did not say yes

that photo I never got to take

that mistep I refused to make

that jealousy I fought so hard to erase

that that creeps into a deeper place

that longing I cannot control

that rant when I am on a roll

that day I gave up to work instead of play

that day I gave into shadow’s way

that I know I’ll do it all again

that unruly energy I now call friend

that chaos is another path taken

that that leads to gifts starting to awaken

that I can now face the pain

that unruly energy called passion stands to gain

that we so often mislabel what is truly in our hearts

that is that sum of all its wondrous parts


ag ~ 2012

with gratitude…

inspired by ~

Vicky…on November’s full moon

What Was Told, That by Rumi
translated by Coleman Barks

So too, all the stops  by R. Corman

4 thoughts on “that That

  1. Andrea, I can’t believe I’ve been missing all your wonderful poetry here! And I didn’t realize you had been impacted by Sandy! I was following your blogger blog… I was going to sign up here as a follower, but I don’t see a “follow” widget, like on blogger. I guess wordpress does it differently.
    Lovely space you have created here. I’m glad I found it 🙂

    1. Christine, I replied on blogger too. So glad that I put that little note in so that you could find me again. Others are signing up to receive emails – there should be a place for it at the bottom of individual posts. Hit on a title and see if it comes up. Sure hope so. I’m on an iPad and have always had a love/hate relationship with the computer. Sigh it’s all in the journey. Thank you again for commenting. Andrea

  2. I love your poem, the rhythm and rhyme of it. It really lends itself to being read aloud too. So many that Thats to contend with and learn from in our journeys, for sure.

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