Uncommon Grace

Uncommon Grace

Forgives beyond reason
loves beyond need
calms the unsettled
and understands
Truth often travels with Pain.
Uncommon Grace balances
the world of reason and imagination
for children of all ages
and is unafraid to collect snow globes
and randomly gift them to strangers
or walk dogs waiting for a home
at the local shelter.

Uncommon Grace lives 
with weeds and wildflowers
side by side
believing that we need both
in order to flourish
and that weeds are often there 
to remind us of our own unruly energy
that has its own story and strength.

Uncommon Grace holds the space
in peace and quiet prayer
until Healing Grace
can enter and work.
Without fanfare Uncommon Grace
comes and goes bidden and unbidden
and when this happens
you can hear
pines whisper
brooks ripple 
and a star sigh 
its soft blue light
through the long 
of an indigo night.

ag ~  December 2012

in response to 
Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook School Massacre

8 thoughts on “Uncommon Grace

  1. This is so deeply beautiful Andrea… I had goosebumps reading it… It is so true – Uncommon Grace “forgives beyond reason, loves beyond need.” Wow – yes… And “Truth often travels with Pain” is a priceless line! Very nice.. We all need a little Uncommon Grace these day, don’t we…

      1. Yes, I have noticed that too – people who are able to exhibit this uncommon grace in tragedy. It is such a comfort for all of us to see it, to experience it… Did you see the “Comfort Dogs” that they brought in? Your poem is so powerfully full of Grace Andrea that I linked to this post from my “Love is Here too” post. With gratitude… Christine

        1. I heard about the “Comfort Dogs” and it gave me great comfort from afar. Another aspect of Uncommon Grace. Thank you for the link and sharing. Peaceful blessings on the Solstice and the deep of winter. Andrea

  2. How breathtakingly beautiful and poignant…
    I thought I had cried a river of tears for these
    ‘Little Lights’ from Sandy Hook, but these words
    prompted another round…it is still all so unspeakably
    I agree with Christine, which is how I knew to come
    over to your blog…
    Thank Goodness for Grace!!!!
    In Divine Love,

  3. This is so beautiful Andrea. I love how “Uncommon Grace comes bidden and unbidden,” and how you know when it happens when you hear “pines whisper, brooks ripple, and a star sigh its soft blue light through the long of an indigo night.” I can feel and hear the star sighing its soft blue light over us…and love that. We need this for the little childen…they are the little stars sighing their soft blue light. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Cynthia and I too was thinking this about the little children. They need it and at the same time are our hope (sighing the soft blue light) to lead us through this. Peaceful wishes, Andrea

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