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It’s that time of year for sharing, gift-giving and reflecting – many, many holidays and traditions.  We came through The Solstice with sadness this time as well as with a committment to change on many levels by a great many souls.  The following heart-felt poem was sent to me by a friend who is a loving young mother, a poet, humanitarian, animal lover and fellow blogger.  In response to the Sandy Hook Massacre she wrote and shared this poem with me, and I would like to share it here with you.   We are entering a new age that promises connections that are truly based on acceptance of diversity and a genuine compassion for all.  I believe this to be true despite a painful birthing process.

Blessings for the courage, stamina and wisdom for all of us to get there.  Gratitude for your love and support and twinkles of stardust for slipping and sliding along the slippery way in a fun and joyous ride.



In this Moment

In this moment

I will tell you I love you

I will choose to put aside the errands
the being late
the lunch that isn’t packed
I will not comment
on your hair that I just combed
and is now a mess again
I will not focus on the toys left strewn about
or how I stubbed my toe

In this moment
I will pause
I will pull you tight to me so I can feel your heart beat
I will bury my tears in your hair
In this moment
I will tell you I love you a thousand times
and kiss you a thousand times more

In this moment
I will do this for the parents who cannot

-Michele Fawcett
“The Dreaming Dilettante”


2 thoughts on “One Moment

  1. Beautiful tribute poem by your friend, Andrea. Thank you for sharing it… I look forward to the “shift” into the new way of Being in the world! Blessings of Love to you as you continue to inspire!

    1. Thank you Christine. As tough as it gets, and it has been really challenging here (on the US east coast) – we are blessed and wonder-full! Yea for us – time to celebrate and a big thank you for sharing a new way for real friendship and support to seed and grow. You made my day – peace, Andrea

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