The Hitchhiker…

In preparation for and in addition to writing “a small stone” a day in January and a haiku a day in February 2013 – I am sharing excerpts from my journal going back to my existential hippie days and musings.

This first one is dated 10/10/72 – just dropped out of Boston University after my second year in college. All comments in parentheses () are current explanations:

picked up a lone hitchhiker complete with backpack, soft curly hair and
wire rims…Harvard…lived in Cambridge…now on his way to Arizona to work with an architect on unique city structure – camps out a lot.

he’s fascinated by my new Volks(wagon bug) tried the seatbelt
mother from S. Dakota – father from Yugoslavia (very dated now) – parents live in Vienna
hitching this time of year, he has a common subject (to discuss) with people across the country – elections
advised me to vote – not for change but to make change easier
asked me questions – his first reaction – glad that I quit waitressing
felt good giving him a lift – I identified with and admired him
wants to buy land in Vermont with a friend
who doesn’t?

ag ~ from my journal

2 thoughts on “The Hitchhiker…

  1. I went to school in Boston too! Although not at the same time, a couple of years ahead of you. Grew up in the burbs north of Boston. “Existential hippie” days 🙂 This should be interesting 🙂 Can’t claim to have been a real “hippie” – more like a hippie wanna be – putting peace signs in dorm window and protesting on Boston Common. Looking forward to your entries, small stones and Haiku…

  2. Christine, I spent my first year at Stonehill College, south of Brockton. Hitched into Boston frequently and transferred to BU for my second year. Lived in Alston for my time at BU. Thank God I saved my notes and letters! Will keep posting the interesting stuff probably out of order because it’s more about the stories which I find funny and touching in retrospect. I miss Boston and Gloucester – they hold a dear piece of my heart. Thanks for the feedback. Andrea

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