Small stuff ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #7

I went to Trader Joe’s today and for those unfamiliar with the chain store – it started out as a quirky yet more-or-less healthy food store easy on the pocketbook. Lots of hard-to-find at-such-good prices non-artisinal yet wholesome foods. One cannot leave the store without buying more than he or she came in for thus negating the low-cost teaser.

My shopping list consisted of:

Frozen brown rice and decaffeinated Irish tea.

What I came away with:

A spray of Eucalyptus
13 Stems of yellow African rosebuds
1 Bag of 3 Organic romaine hearts
2 Tins of peppermint hot chocolate
2 Organic Jasmine rice – frozen
3 Organic brown rice – frozen
1 Bag of sweet Meyers lemons (4)
1 Bag organic lemons (4)
3 Organic bananas
2 Pomegranates
1 large shell of blackberries

Total outlay = $55.56

All I needed was some rice and tea.

with a hint of peppermint –
my sixtieth birthday

ag ~ 2013


7 thoughts on “Small stuff ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #7

  1. This list delights, the haiku has deep roots, and intention is everything. Isn’t Irish tea just the best?! Sixty is also grand. Thanks for a heck of a haibun on the contemporary food gathering journey and ageing. Out of the ballpark, Andrea! (and off to word pond). ~ Donna

  2. You “needed” all those things for your 60th – esp. the flowers and chocolate. A belated Happy Birthday to you! (We’re supposed to have our first Trader Joe’s in Denver in 2013. Can’t wait!)

  3. Christine, Donna and Barb – thank you for the birthday visit and wishes. Sixty is grand – I honestly can say I’m lovin this chapter of my life, and yes I “needed” the chocolate and roses after all. Be careful Barb, TJ’s can be addictive! Grateful thanks to all for your support and cheers for the coming decades. Andrea

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