Gifter’s Inscription ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #11

Today, a used book that I purchased arrived in the mail. I purposely chose this edition from a list of used books – not because it was the cheapest or in the best condition, but because it had “a short gifter’s inscription inside”. And I was rewarded with the intimate inscription: “Jim, Though these are simple poems, they suggest deep and complex meanings. With love and best wishes, Carmen – 6/11/68”.

Such a lovely memento. Who was Carmen and was Jim a friend or a lover? I love this book – a short collection of Japanese haiku all the more because of this heartfelt sharing. Now, I too am a link in the flow of these poems from hand to hand. I signed my name and date. Hopefully, the books that I’ve inscribed, past, present and future remind someone else – sometime – somewhere – that I also shared the tenderness and beauty of such a gift.

long night
in the words of
a fellow poet
I gather the moon and stars
to comfort me

ag ~ 2013


3 thoughts on “Gifter’s Inscription ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #11

  1. How beautiful…. “…..a link in the flow…..” I am curious about the story behind it too! And the date… Seems like such a long time ago 🙂 I must be getting old 🙂 I love that you signed it too…

    1. LOL Christine – my thoughts exactly…seems like a long time ago.. wonder what happened to them… my feeling is that he was not connecting with her on this (poetry) level. She was trying but it was not working… however, love is timeless and that is the beauty of these inscriptions. Very romantic. This was a fun post. Thanks for adding to it. Andrea

  2. I got the same impresssion you did, that the recipient did not really connect with poetry or else it would not have found its fortuante way into your hands. However, because the inscription was made so long ago, it is possible that he passed away and his books found new homes. Friends, or lovers…keeps me wondering too.

    I love the thought of spending the night in the words of a poet, and “gathering the moon and starts to comfort me.” Lovely.

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