Zombie Apocalypse ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #10

Today’s Mindful Writing Challenge is going to be a bit of a departure for me, but is in keeping with journaling about something that I noticed and was intrigued by this day. It does involve human nature although in more of an absurd vision than I subscribe to.

An acquaintance on Facebook posted that one of her students listed the Zombie Apocalypse as her most desired topic for her research project. I had never heard of this ZA until today. However, I am getting used to ‘googling’ questions and little did I know that it spans many levels of community speculation. To keep it short here – preparing for the ZA is really preparing for everything. Weather phenomena, disease, plague and of course the ‘human undead’ coming to devour us. All well and good for creative minds, but where and how well does the line blur when scientists and the government use it to educate ‘everyday preparedness’, Hollywood plays it as entertainment and doomsayers who see it as a horrific end-of-the-world event?

Anyway, kudos to Aubrie Cox for encouraging her students’ freedom to choose a topic that involves thinking out-of-the-box as well as time-consuming and (to-my-mind) boring research. There are many approaches that this student can take to apply her skills for this project.

For my part here, I am intrigued enough to use the ZA as a senryu poem. Senryu is a cousin to haiku that focuses more on human nature and humor than the seemingly at this point, less complex natural world. Hence my view of the Zombie Apocalypse:

Zombie Apocalypse
all of the dark
chocolate gone missing

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers here. Please just humor me.

ag ~ 2013

One thought on “Zombie Apocalypse ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #10

  1. I’ve never even heard of the ZA! I’m definitely out of the loop. However, I would most assuredly defend my dark chocolate should the time come.

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