Friendship ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #12

Today I received thoughtful and loving gifts from a dear friend – Marsie as well as gifts in the name and spirit of my longtime soul-sister and beloved friend Robin who passed a short time ago. Marsie and Robin were soulmates and partners for 18 years. We ‘Sistahs’ had frolicking good times together as well as sharing the pain and losses that come with a lifetime of friendship, growth and healing. It was my first birthday without Robin cheering me on, and so the grief rises and ebbs in tidal waves each time I experience a first this-or-that without her. Birthdays were true celebrations to Robin, and this meant championing all of her loved one’s life-gifts and achievements. She was my greatest cheerleader and recognized the budding artist in my soul long before me. Even as a poet, I cannot put into words how grateful I am for our time together, or how much I miss her. Today though, I truly felt her and Marsie’s love in the sweet and special gifts that Marsie chose, bundled and mailed to me. In Robin’s words ~ I am “forever grateful” to both of you. It is through any and all creative endeavors, I am returning the love.

the brilliance
of love’s creation

ag ~ 2013


5 thoughts on “Friendship ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #12

  1. The friendships you share will always be a treasure whether they’re still here to share with you in person or in their spirit as with Robin. I too am thankful for my few close friends, one of whom is a a sister by blood. I’d have to say that she is my absolute best friend ever!

  2. Grace and Cynthia, I am absolutely blessed to have such friends as Marsie, and Robin who is truly with me in spirit every day. Each gift that Marsie chose is celebrating my artistry and all artists everywhere! Andrea

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