A Stranger At My Door ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #18

Almost deep dusk – he knocks on my door. I am in the midst of baking muffins and prepping for tonight’s dinner. “Who’s there?” is the call to the unusual timing and knocking. “Are you Connie?” he asks. “No”. However, as I look outside in the frigid cold and see him standing there in full uniform, I realize it’s the Fish and Game Warden come in answer to our inquiry – only it’s almost too late to check on the illegal traps hooked up to the nursery deer fence. Someone is trying to snare fox illegally as they belly-crawl under the fence. I’m glad he’s come, but not when I am timing savory muffins in the oven and searing sea scallops on stovetop whilst I cook quinoa and swiss chard. First time that I’m really cookin’ in a long time, and he appears at my doorstep. I live and work at the same place ~ a lovely non-commute and at the same time – always available come rain or shine, blizzard or hurricane. All at once, after he checks the legality of the traps (and removes them), we converse and bond over a love of fox, deer, coyote, mice, squirrels, opossum and all critters whom, if left to their own devices, would remain in balance as nature does best. A stranger who knocked on my door only an hour earlier leaves as a kindred spirit sharing a love of woodland and forest.

fox tracks
under the fence
bare ground

ag ~ January 2013


4 thoughts on “A Stranger At My Door ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #18

  1. What a sweet story. I love it. Like a scene from a good novel, or movie… The “spice of life” shows up at your door – and you didn’t invite him to stay for that delicious dinner? 🙂 I want chapter two please…

  2. Chrisine, your comment brought a smile to my face. Yes, it would have been lovely to finish the story with ‘I invited him in and with a glass or two of wine and a fine meal -and that we bonded beyond conversation’! However, that is the Hollywood ending. The real story is that alto he was cute and rugged, as a ‘woman of a certain age’ – he was also young enough to be my son and wore a wedding band. (Don’t think the idea did not cross my mind). Love, love love that romance in story form or real life is still alive. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate your insight and sense of fun. Blessings. Andrea

    1. oops – sorry about that 🙂 I get it… I’ve had the same experience with a plumber one time. I was old enough to be his mother as well, and it came as a big wake up call for me 🙂 I could no longer indulge in “Hollywood” fantasy about myself 😦 lol

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